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Base:  8" X 8"

Body:  10" tall X 4" X 5"

Shadowbox created with recycled materials (cardboard, calendar pages, beads, driftwood, leaves, and costume jewelry)



16" tall X 9" wide

Hand built ceramic vase.  The base is high fire clay which was bisque fired and then painted with acrylics.  The lid was sculpted out of wire and air-dried clay, then painted with acrylics.

Coilology 1 view full snake.jpg

Coilology 1:  Full View - Snake

Coilology 2:  Full view - Salamander

Coilology 2 view salamander.jpg
Coilology 3 view salamander _  swan.jpg

Coilology 3:  Full view -  Salamander and Swan

Coilology 4

Coilology 4.jpg
Coilology  5 top view.jpg

Coilology 5

Work Hand


Pen and Ink on slip cast form

Pen & Ink on slip cast form.  The white ceramic form was found at a going-out-of-business sale at a plant nursery near Santa Ynez, California.  After gessoing the form, I used pen and ink to draw the patterns.  The patterns on the back side of the hand were inspired by a beautful, old cork tree on 12th and M in Eureka, California, which was killed and removed in 2019.  My own palm was used as a model for the design of the palm of Workhand.

Work Hand 1 view palm.jpg

Workhand 1:  Palm View

Workhand 2:  Palm view

Work Hand 2 view palm.jpg
Work Hand view 3.jpg

Workhand 3

Workhand 4

Work Hand view 4.jpg
Work Hand full back of hand.jpg

Workhand 5:  Back of hand

Workhand 6:  Back of hand

Work Hand back of hand.jpg
Work Hand view 7.jpg

Workhand 7

Workhand 8

Work Hand palm view 8.jpg
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